Adding a healthy return on your home investment and reaping the functional and aesthetic benefits of a brand new kitchen seems like a win-win, right? If you are an Orange County homeowner undecided about moving forward, consider this: When it comes to a remodel and renovation, virtually no other room (with perhaps the exception of your bathrooms) will yield as high a return.

That being said, before you begin demolition, consider all aspects and take a long hard look at your finances. Orange County kitchen renovations can vary widely so research and keen financial planning are vital to the success of your dream project. The tips below will help you walk through each step you’ll take in the renovation process, to which any licensed contractor can provide an up-to-date estimate for corresponding jobs.

  • Plan your work, work your plan – This basically means the outline of the project will give you a great idea as to how to move methodically through each step in your kitchen renovation and it will let you know what to expect in the way of expenses.
  • List your “wants” – Once you have an outline and diagrams of your new kitchen layout, it is time to consider what furnishings you want to add to your renovation. These items will include lighting, islands or peninsulas, appliances, countertops and cabinetry, to name a few.
  • Hire a pro – Home design professionals can take your ideas and turn them into beautiful realities that you only dreamed of having. They can also tell you if all of your wants can be incorporated into your planned layout. Sometimes your plan may simply not work when it comes to functionality and this is where a professional can really be worth their salt because they can usually find appealing workarounds that complete your goals without too many changes to your plan.
  • Review the budget – This can be a sobering step for some homeowners, as inevitably many will have created a kitchen on paper that has exceeded their budgets. However, there is hope in the form of equity you may have built into your home depending on how long you’ve been in the house. It really doesn’t take long, thanks to low-interest home loans and the rise of property values nearly across the board. Should you find that you’ve gone over your budget, you may consider an additional home loan against that equity, or you can discuss with your design firm/contractor what changes can be made to bring you as close to your plan as possible.
  • Get started – At this point, you should be ready to enter into a written contract with your design team or installation contractor – they may be one and the same. Trust your instincts to help you choose the professionals you are the most comfortable within your home and on the project.

These ideas create a general guideline for the kitchen renovation process and following them (or some variation) will help to keep you on task and motivated. Whether it is a beautiful island or hidden walk-in pantry, your designer should be able to make your kitchen renovation dreams a reality.

Since 2004, Preferred Kitchen and Bath has been a leading full-service kitchen and bath remodeling company in Orange that provides everything from custom 3D design to construction to the finishing touches in your home. We take a detailed and passionate approach to every to remodel we do.

We focus not only on creating beautiful designs but also on the intricate functions of the most important living spaces in your homes.  We believe that every good kitchen remodel starts with a good design, which is then executed by superb craftsman and overseen by comprehensive project management.