Kitchen Design Layout

Proper kitchen and bathroom design layouts are essential for smooth operations. However, kitchen design entails more than the functionality of the space. At Preferred Kitchen & Bath, we pay attention to all aspects and details to create aesthetically-pleasing, spectacular kitchens that meet your unique requirements. You need an experienced partner that can understand your goals and design the best kitchen for your home. Our kitchen contractors focus on creating 3D plans that allow you to envision all the components of your kitchen, including cabinets, materials, and appliances, all to enable you to make an informed decision.

Why Choose a 3D Kitchen Design?

A kitchen design layout is precisely what the name suggests — a layout that shows you how the kitchen will look like when finished. In the past, kitchen layouts featured 2D drawings and blueprints that show the different sections and locations for everything you plan to install in the kitchen. 2D designs work just fine but lack vivid illustrations. 3D designs give homeowners and business owners a glimpse of the final kitchen and act as a digital prototype. Some of the benefits of 3D design layouts include:

  • 1. Better visualization – 3D designs allow you to view heights, depths, and other dimensions of your kitchen features. Unlike flat 2D designs, 3D offers vivid illustrations so you can easily make changes. Although it is still in scale, the distinctions are bold and you can quickly tell where everything appears.
  • 2. Easy experimentation – Moving objects in a 2D design is daunting and may involve creating another 2D layout. A 3D design layout allows you to change the location of items quickly and easily, so you can envision how the kitchen will look if you move things around.
  • 3. Quick changes – Planners can easily make changes to a 3D design layout eliminating delays in your project, unlike 2D plans that would require time to integrate new changes. The kitchen remodel process is simplified with a 3D model, which allows you to move an object to the required section.
  • 4. Cost-saving – 3D designs make it easier to experiment until you find what you need, eliminating significant changes in the middle of the project. What’s more, changes are easy to make and cost less than what you will spend to alter a 2D plan.

There are several other merits of a 3D kitchen design layout, which brings convenience and precision. You get to see how each appliance and component will appear in the kitchen.

Is an Open Kitchen Design Ideal?

There are many benefits to an open kitchen design, which offers adequate space for cooking, dining, relaxing, and entertainment. You can achieve a wide variety of tasks and there are many options to customize the flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting and fixtures, and more. You can go for an elegant marble or granite countertop or install simple tile flooring for easy cleaning. Whatever material you choose, open kitchen designs offer ample space for maneuverability and stunning aesthetics.

Design Your Perfect Kitchen and Bathroom

Are you looking for a modern bathroom design for your new home? Maybe you want to implement a retro kitchen design with vintage classic quartz countertops and travertine flooring. In both cases, you need a reliable kitchen and bathroom designer to help you create functional 3D layouts. Preferred Kitchen & Bath is dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners design perfect kitchens and bathrooms by providing premium quality design layouts.

Our goal is to help you envision how your kitchen will look so that you can determine the ideal locations for all components, including the sink, stove, countertops, cabinets, fridge, and more. We also facilitate bathroom remodeling and renovation, so you can call us to bring your kitchen and bathroom back to life with modern designs, technology, and convenience. Contact us today or visit our showroom to get inspired by some of the best kitchen and bathroom design ideas!

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