Project Description

This Master Suite, created in the 1960’s, had many quirks and angles. In characteristic 60’s fashion, there were even 2 large windows in the shower, impeding any sense of privacy, while the angular steps presented a hazard in entering and exiting. At the same time, an angled vanity posed an awkward space for the double sink arrangement. To solve this unusual problem, the vanity wall was bumped out to create a square room. Both large windows were taken out and replaced with a smaller window outside the shower space. The new double vanity now occupies a straight wall, allowing comfortable use by 2 people, while the shower was simplified on the opposite wall. In the adjacent Master Bedroom, original 1960’s closets were replaced with beautiful cabinets and an updated entertainment center. Upstairs, the main level guest bath was turned from a dated powder room to a modern and refreshing space.

Alta Vista Bathrooms