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From a complete master bathroom remodel to a minor kitchen renovation, our leading remodeling company can do it all. At Preferred Kitchen & Bath, we utilize our decades of combined experience to help bring the remodeling projects of Fountain Valley homeowners to fruition.

From the initial design to the final touches, every kitchen and bathroom remodeled by our team is treated with the passion and attention to detail it deserves.

How to Tell It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Fixtures and Appliances Are Outdated

When kitchen cabinets and appliances start showing signs of wear and age, it’s a good idea to start planning a remodel. Outdated fixtures not only diminish the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen but may also compromise functionality. Upgrading your kitchen with modern appliances, custom cabinetry, and new flooring can transform the space, providing a more efficient and visually pleasing environment.

Our professional kitchen remodeler team will ensure that your personal style and preferences are incorporated seamlessly. By addressing worn-out features through an extensive remodel, you’ll enhance the overall appeal of your kitchen and make it a more enjoyable and practical space for your culinary endeavors.

There’s Not Enough Space

In homes where the kitchen feels cramped and lacks adequate space, undertaking a remodel can make a significant difference. Limited space often hinders the smooth flow of activities and can be a source of frustration. However, a skilled project manager from our team can strategically redesign the layout — optimizing every inch to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Through innovative solutions like cabinet refacing and clever storage options, a well-executed remodel can transform a cramped kitchen into a more spacious and organized culinary haven. Investing in such a remodel not only improves functionality but also makes daily kitchen tasks more enjoyable.

You Plan on Using it for Years

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, and ensuring it aligns with your evolving needs and preferences is crucial if you plan to stay for many years. Upgrading appliances, enhancing storage capacity, and incorporating modern conveniences can future-proof your kitchen.

At Preferred Kitchen & Bath, we’ll help you create a space that evolves with you. Whether it’s the addition of a laundry room or the installation of new plumbing and electrical systems, a well-thought-out remodel ensures that your kitchen remains a functional and inviting hub for many years.

Benefits of Getting Bathrooms Remodeled

Increased Safety

Planning a bathroom remodeling project is a wise investment if you want to improve safety within your home. This is because a dated bathroom may have fixtures and features that pose potential hazards, such as slippery surfaces or outdated plumbing.

A skilled bathroom remodeler can address these concerns by installing non-slip flooring, updating plumbing and electrical systems, and incorporating safety features like grab bars and accessible shower options. By prioritizing safety, you can create a more secure environment for all occupants in your household.

Enhanced Functionality

Improving the functionality of your bathroom is a key reason to consider a remodeling project. For example, outdated layouts, insufficient storage, and inadequate fixtures can hinder the daily use of the space. A project manager from our team can redesign the layout, introduce custom cabinetry, and optimize the use of all available space.

Upgrading to a modern shower, installing a soaking tub, and updating plumbing and electrical systems contribute to a more functional and enjoyable bathroom experience. Investing in such a remodel not only improves daily convenience but also adds value to your home by creating a more desirable and functional bathroom.

Greater Home Value

As mentioned earlier, undertaking a bathroom remodeling project can help increase the overall value of your home. Potential buyers often prioritize updated bathrooms, as they view them as indicators of a well-maintained and modern property. A bathroom remodeler from our team can transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional space, incorporating new flooring, modern fixtures, and much more.

This attention to detail not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also contributes to the overall appeal of your home. As a result, a well-executed bathroom remodel can be a significant factor in attracting potential buyers and maximizing the resale value of your house.

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