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If you’re ever in need of professional Lake Forest remodeling services, reach out to the team at Preferred Kitchen and Bath. Backed by nearly 50 years of combined experience and countless successful kitchen and bathroom remodels across southern California, homeowners can have faith that our skilled employees will make their remodeling dreams a reality.

Why It’s Best to Call Professionals for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Instead of Attempting a DIY Remodel


When you entrust your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project to a seasoned contractor, you benefit from their expertise and experience in executing flawless renovations. Our professionals have an impressive portfolio of past projects, showcasing their ability to deliver a full remodel with precision and attention to detail. From updating kitchen cabinets to a complete master bath remodel, their skill and dedication ensure a fantastic job that will significantly enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your indoor spaces.


DIY remodels often take considerably longer due to the learning curve and the limited time homeowners can dedicate to the project. In contrast, a home remodeling contractor specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations streamlines the construction process, ensuring efficient and timely completion. At Preferred Kitchen and Bath, our expertise means we can quickly tackle tasks like installing a granite countertop or reconfiguring the bathroom design — reducing the overall timeline of your home improvement project.


Safety is of utmost importance during bath and kitchen remodeling, as these projects involve electrical, plumbing, and structural work. A home remodeling contractor like us ensures that all work is done up to code, minimizing risks associated with DIY attempts. Their experience with bath remodels and kitchen remodels means they can identify and address potential hazards throughout the entire process, offering you peace of mind and a secure renovation experience.


While DIY projects might seem budget-friendly initially, the costs can quickly escalate due to errors, the need for specialized tools, and the learning curve. A home remodeling contractor with expertise in bathroom renovations and kitchen remodeling can provide you with cost-effective solutions, access to competitive pricing for materials, and efficient use of your space’s square footage. Their knowledge helps you avoid costly mistakes — making the project more affordable in the long run.


Coordinating a DIY renovation can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor. In contrast, hiring a home remodeling contractor specializing in home renovation ensures a hassle-free experience. From the initial free design consultation to the completion of your project, professionals like those on our team handle all the logistics, leaving you to enjoy the transformation of your space without the headaches of managing the entire process on your own.

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