The bathroom should be the epitome of luxury. A place of privacy, comfort, and cleansing, every home needs several well-designed bathrooms. While a master bath is a personal place to begin and end each day, powder rooms or guest baths should impress your visitors and make them feel at home. A bathroom remodeling should be on every homeowner’s to-do list at least once a decade. Give your bathrooms the sense of luxury that they may be missing and upgrade them to suit current design tastes.

While the benefits of remodeling a bathroom seem self-evident, there are 5 particular perks of which you may not be aware. Below are these 5 benefits explained by the best bathroom remodel services in Orange County.

More Practical Features

Add amenities to your bathroom that make it feel luxurious and indulgent. Features like self-cleaning toilets, multiple massaging showerheads, and durable stone countertops make your bathroom more practical. Higher-quality building materials and a genuine wood vanity make your bathroom more resilient against everyday use. Great lighting add style and functionality, especially around the vanity.

Increase Property Values

Ask any real estate investor for their catalog of secrets, and one thing atop their list will always be bathroom remodels. Making bathrooms feel more stylish, luxurious, and welcoming makes homes more attractive in a competitive market, and that means higher property values. While adding brand-new bathrooms may not always add value or appeal to buyers, improving to durable materials, luxurious elements, and stylish features can drastically increase resale value. In fact, it’s one of the few projects that nearly always produces a high return on investment.

Save Money

While returns on investment make you more money in the future, it’s important to consider the ways in which bathroom remodeling can save you money presently. When you upgrade to environmentally friendly appliances and fixtures like water-saving showerheads, not only can you potentially get a tax rebate, you save by using fewer resources. Upgrade your bathroom with low-flush toilets and LED lighting, and your bathrooms will help reduce your energy bills.

Style Upgrades

Fashion changes from time to time, leaving some visual features behind and introducing something innovative and different. The same is true of architectural and interior design. Take, for instance, the now bygone trend of all-white bathrooms, or ultra-modern and high-tech bathrooms devoid of traditional features. The most stylish bathrooms today are more transitional, combining old-fashioned touches like chandeliers, mirrors, and marble with contemporary technology.


Personal Pride

Finally, there’s nothing better than getting ready every morning in a bathroom that makes you happy. When your bathrooms look and feel luxurious, you’ll feel an unmatched sense of pride. And just wait until you host an event after bathroom remodel services are completed; you’ll be flooded with compliments. If a feature of your bathrooms isn’t making you happy, or if you wish you had more amenities to offer to your guests, invest in remodeling today. Remember that the price of elegant bathrooms repays dividends in resale values. So it’s a smart investment that can make you happier in your home in just a few short weeks.

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