Older homes boast a charm that you just don’t find in new construction. From architectural details to larger lot sizes, the character of an old home-especially if found for the right price-are hard to pass up. With a few tweaks, the outdated portions of your old house can become the home of your designer dreams. There are a handful of mistakes the owners of old houses commonly make when they decide to do some home remodeling in Orange County. Before you grab your hammer, hire an architect, or start tearing out the carpet, check out this list so you can avoid them!

Cutting Corners

Cutting corners can turn your dream home makeover into a nightmare. Some corners can be easily snipped, but others are too important to take the easy (or sometimes, less expensive) route. Using less expensive flooring isn’t likely to be a problem, but take a careful look at things like appliances and windows for your older home. They don’t have to be expensive, but because older homes boast different wiring and plumbing, you may not be able to hop over to the nearest big box store to find the right fit. Another costly mistake many home renovators make is failing to hire qualified and experienced contractors to do the work. Double check that anyone you hire is licensed and insured, and be sure to interview some of their former clients if possible. Experts also recommend hiring contractors who have experience working on older homes, if that’s what you’re renovating. Hiring the right contractors can make all the difference in a home remodel.

Getting Only One Opinion

The cost and quality of home renovations can vary dramatically, so you should plan on getting more than one opinion. There are two reasons for this. First, you don’t want to overpay. Second, you may know what you want to achieve with a renovation, but be uncertain how to accomplish it. Talking to more than one designer or professional will give you more than a few ideas on exactly how to tackle your major renovation project.

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Not Budgeting Enough

Falling financially short when your renovation is in progress is one of the costliest mistakes homeowners can make, because at that point, none of the choices are very good. You may be forced to cut portions of your renovation or wait, mid-construction project, until you can come up with the necessary funds to complete your project.

Estimating the cost of a remodel, especially the renovation of an older home, is an art and a science. Older homes are often full of surprises, like old electrical that requires a full overhaul, or asbestos that requires removal. According to HomeAdvisor, asbestos removal can cost between $1,074 and $2,657. It might not be enough of a surprise to derail your budget, but it can sting! Careful budgeting will ensure you have a little bit of a buffer to protect against the unknown while having enough left over to spring for the plusher carpet or the more expensive bathroom hardware.

While you can’t perfectly plan for surprises, you’ve done part of the work already by getting more than one opinion. You can also build in a percentage over the total estimated cost to ensure you’re financially ready for Orange County home remodeling project.

Now that you know some of the common pitfalls of remodeling an older home, it’s time to get your first opinion. Call Preferred Kitchen & Bath today to get started.