Kitchens are typically planned to make the best use of the available space and to reflect the homeowners’ style and individuality. The kitchen plays a significant role in a family’s social life. Family and friends often spend time together in the kitchen, so it’s important for it to fit your family’s needs. If it’s time to remodel your kitchen, contractors in Orange County can help you design a kitchen that’s perfect for you. You have many styles to choose from, but a modern design is definitely one to consider.

What Is Modern Kitchen Design?

Modern design started around World War I. Its sleek design featured flat surfaces and geometric forms with very little ornamentation. Today’s modern kitchen retains that sleek look but is more sophisticated. It uses high-tech materials and exotic woods, and it’s designed to minimize clutter and maximize storage space.

The modern style goes beyond wood-based cabinets and makes use of a wider variety of materials than a traditional design. You’ll find metals, stainless steel, glass, copper, acrylic, and beautiful engineered surfaces being mixed and matched. Your Orange County general contractor can help you come up with a stunning, creative modern design for your kitchen. Here are reasons why you should consider a modern look:


Clutter is gone, replaced with a clean, open feel. Creative storage solutions and organization are trademarks of this kitchen design.

Open, Airy Feel

An open floor plan creates an airy feel that enhances clean, simple lines and lack of clutter.

Use of Color

Modern design goes beyond the neutral shades and wood of a traditional kitchen. When it comes to a modern kitchen color scheme, whatever you prefer can work well. Incorporate the colors and tones you love for a space you love to be in.

Mix of Materials

When it comes to flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, or creative design touches, be as creative as you like. Orange County contractors can help you bring in materials you might not ordinarily think of for the kitchen. Whether you prefer stainless steel, glass, copper, aluminum, polyethylene, acrylic, or a combination of materials, they’ll help you create a space that’s beautiful, durable, and uniquely you.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets can layer materials and textures in ways that can have a significant impact. You can blend or contrast cabinet doors with countertops and flooring. Be as creative as you want and craft a look that pleases you.


For the average family, a modern kitchen design is more functional than kitchens of the past. A modern kitchen effectively utilizes space for traffic and meal preparation. It builds functionality into the design. When you sit down with designers and contractors to talk about your kitchen, they’ll help you create a truly customized modern kitchen design that’s perfect for you and your family.


The modern kitchen makes use of new technologies. Choose features, fixtures, and appliances that will make life easier. It’s sure to make everyone who sees it jealous.

There are many benefits to choosing a modern kitchen design. Designers can create a customized space that includes the things that are important to you and adapted to your needs. If you have an older kitchen, consider a remodel. The results that can be achieved with cabinet refinishing in Orange County is remarkable. You can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen with significant savings over installing all new cabinets.