Your kitchen is the heart of your home. When you think about the many family dinners, homework assignments, and deep conversations that happen in it, it’s no wonder you want to create the perfect space. Remodeling your kitchen breathes new life into the space and ensures that it stays the favorite room in your house. If you’ve already started searching online for “kitchen contractors near me,” things are probably getting pretty serious in regards to a remodel. Before you begin, make sure you have the best design possible. By finding the countertop color and kitchen cabinet in Orange County, it’ll be much easier to create a space that flows. Take a look at these top countertop colors to determine what’s best for your new kitchen.

Flecked White

Perhaps the most popular countertop color as of late is a flecked white or off-white. Whether it’s in marble, granite, or quartz, these clean-colored counters are a favorite among homeowners. The multi-tonal flecks and subtle veins add dimension to the countertop without being overwhelming. It’s a fresh look that can be paired with any color of cabinet. Whether you’re looking to create modern lines or want to perfect the farmhouse look, a snowy colored countertop is an excellent option.

Wood Countertops

With the resurgence of the farmhouse trend comes wood accents. If you’re looking for a countertop that’s both inviting and effortless, look no further than wood. Warm wood countertops, especially when paired with white countertops, create a crisp look that exudes comfort. Wood countertops balance out traditional and contemporary elements, creating a more cohesive look. Many homeowners choose to mix up their countertops by only putting wood on the island, giving their kitchen an even more interesting look.

Dark Countertops

Moody colors are making a comeback! With retro and gothic styles becoming more and more popular, dark countertops are on the rise too. If you’re set on dark cabinetry, dark floors, and rich finishes, dark countertops will fit right in. Choosing dark countertops will create a harmonious flow among your color palette instead of making your countertops pop. By choosing a dark on dark color palette, the space will seem much cozier and sophisticated.

Gray and Beige

Soft flecked gray countertops are the perfect choice for anyone looking to create contrast between their light or dark countertops. By pairing a gray countertop with dark cabinets, you bring a bit of interest to the space. When paired with white cabinets, it presents a subtle difference between the colors without being too overwhelming. It’s the harmonious medium of countertops and great for most designs. Make sure that when choosing a gray or beige tone that it matches the tone of your cabinets. For example, cabinets with warm undertones should be paired with a gray or beige with warm undertones. This ensures that esthetically, they flow together.

No matter your design style, it’s important to choose a countertop color that compliments your design style and contributes to your overall vision. If you can’t decide which countertop color is right for you, turn to the Orange County remodeling experts at Preferred Kitchen & Bath. With their help, you’ll find the right color and style to bring your kitchen to life. To learn more about Preferred Kitchen & Bath’s services, or to set up a consultation, visit today.