Whether you’re planning a large or small kitchen remodeling or renovation project, you can’t skip the kitchen island. Not only are you likely to find a kitchen island useful in a general sense when it comes to preparing meals, but you can also customize its design to suit your specific needs. When considering this distinctive feature, here are a few of its advantages to keep in mind:

Additional Meal Preparation Space

If your kitchen counters tend to get crowded with appliances like your coffee maker, microwave, air fryer, toaster, and so forth, it can be challenging to find ample space to prepare meals. This is particularly difficult when you need a large area to roll out dough or prepare many different dishes. You can design your kitchen island with a countertop that matches the other counters in your space or with a butcher’s block specifically designed for food prep.

Casual Dining

If your kitchen is limited in space, a kitchen island can actually double as a casual dining space that’s ideal for breakfast or lunch. You can design your island, so that counter stools slide perfectly into place when not in use. A kitchen island’s dynamic functionality is one reason so many people opt to include them in their kitchen remodeling plans. Before carving out space for a kitchen table or breakfast niche, consider designing a kitchen island that fulfills your need for dining space as well as additional food prep space.

Storage Space

While the top of a kitchen island is ideal for the additional preparation space it affords, the lower compartments — shelves and drawers — are perfect for providing your kitchen with extra storage space. On a section of shelving, you can stow your cookbooks while ensuring they’re easily accessible. You can also stow items like baking equipment, kitchen paper products, or cooking utensils in your kitchen island.

Preferred Kitchen & Bath will make sure to design an island perfectly suited to your needs. We specialize in kitchen remodeling, which includes the design and construction of your full kitchen and island. We can create a multi-use island that will complement your kitchen’s decor and fulfill your household’s needs. For more information, contact us today!