Bathroom Makeover Time

What room in your house do you think you spend the most time in? Your first inkling might not be the bathroom, but it’s still a very important room! This is the room that wakes you up in the morning with a steaming hot shower and puts you to bed at night when you brush your teeth. Having a bathroom that is updated and enjoyable can be a huge improvement in your life. Finding bathroom vanities in Orange County, CA, is easier when you evaluate the space first. A bathroom can be used purely for functional tasks, as a relaxing environment to decompress, or ideally a combination of the two. However, it will take a little thought to prepare for a bathroom remodel in Orange County, CA.

Examine the Space

First of all, it’s essential to really take a good look at the space you’re working with. Is it a very small powder room, a bathroom shared by a few siblings, or a master bath with lots of space to work with? You will want to take measurements, think about the overall layout, and decide what’s the most important to you. There are many different options for bathroom fixtures in Orange County, but finding those that best fit your specific needs will help make the remodel worthwhile. A terrible outcome of your efforts would be picking a beautiful vanity only to have it not fit through the bathroom door! Make sure to measure any doorways the vanity will have to pass through, as well as tight spaces it will need to clear.

Sinks, Sinks, Sinks

There’re so many different options for sinks! Who would’ve thought? In addition to how many sinks you want, you’ll also have to consider shape, depth the space will allow, and if a vanity includes the sink or not. Although having two sinks may be ideal for the family, that also means a loss of counter space. Evaluate which is needed more by who will be using the bathroom, as well as their daily habits. A sink isn’t a sink without a faucet, and there are tons of options for these as well. Depending on the shape and style of the sink you choose, be sure to know how many faucet holes are needed. It’s also important to look at the existing plumbing and where the sinks, toilet, and shower, will have to be placed.

Don’t Forget about Bathroom Storage

Toilet paper, towels, washcloths, cleaning supplies, toys for the tub—the list of things you need storage for is endless! These are all items that you can’t keep on the bathroom counter. Where can you build in space for storage of these essential bathroom supplies that you don’t want to see every day? Keep in mind that freestanding vanities allow for the most storage, but they’re much harder to keep clean.

Benefits of a New and Improved Bathroom

Yes, remodeling a bathroom takes a lot of time and money. You may be asking if all this is worth it. There are many benefits to fixing up your bathroom, and Preferred Kitchen & Bath has tons of different options and styles to fit your specific needs. Of course, your new bathroom will be a much more enjoyable space to greet you in the morning and put you to bed at night. But with practical features and style upgrades that make your bathroom feel more luxurious, it will be a lot easier to take on your bathroom project. Furthermore, it will likely increase the value of your home and save you money by upgrading to environmentally friendly appliances.

Locating the best place in Orange County for a bathroom remodel is important to make sure you’re getting quality service and materials. If you’re searching for “bathroom remodeling contractors near me,” contact Preferred Kitchen & Bath by calling 949-830-630