Project Description

This stylish and very large kitchen was reconfigured to the wishes of its owner, a couple who loves to cook and have pizza parties. A modern, rectangular island was configured to replace the outdated, pie-shaped original. Seating was kept facing the cooking wall, enabling conversation between hosts and guests. In place of the desk, which was not being used, a built-in pizza oven was installed. Containing two full size ovens, a 60″ professional cooking range takes center stage on the back wall under a wooden hood with an extra wide, wooden band. A large wine refrigerator anchors a place on the refrigerator wall, along with a built-in Miele coffee maker and microwave. Additional wine storage and display can be found in the bar area, just outside the kitchen in the formal dining room. Lighted transom cabinets display cookbooks and coffee ware, while a larger, upper cabinet on the fridge wall shows off dishes and glassware. Designed to coordinate, a modern fireplace with corresponding wood shelving and cabinets dresses up the adjacent family room.