Kitchen & Bath Remodeling in Orange County, CA

Are you looking for a professional Kitchen And Bath Remodeling in Lake Forest CA? Since 2004, Preferred Kitchen & Bath has been an outstanding Orange County full-service kitchen and bath remodeling business that provides everything from customized 3D design to construction and the finishing touches in your home. We take a comprehensive and enthusiastic approach to every kitchen and bath remodeling we do. We are a professional team of local designers, home improvement remodelers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, and installers in Lake Forest, serving all of Orange County.

Our friendly team of knowledgeable designers will guide you through each step of the often overwhelming kitchen and bath redesign process. You can find peace in knowing that we are a fully licensed and insured business that is family owned with over two decades of combined experience in full-service kitchen and bath remodeling. Our team is ready and trained to perform a wide range of remodeling services for Orange County residents.

Kitchen Remodeling in Orange County, CA

Consider Preferred Kitchen & Bath when you need kitchen contractors for full-service remodels. We offer design services to help you choose the hard services, cabinetry, and accessories that meet the needs of your busy household and reflect your unique taste. Located in Orange County, CA, we are proud to serve the surrounding areas for homeowners who require modern, traditional, or transitional designs. Our beautiful showroom inspires many customers looking for inspiration to choose the right elements for their new kitchens.

Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Company in Orange County, CA

Whether you already have a good idea of what your dream kitchen should look like or need an in-home consultation from one of our designers, we can help you choose the right flooring, countertop, and other components that live up to your aesthetic. Form and function are equally important, and our kitchen contractors leave behind unsurpassed workmanship, using the right parts to help you get optimal performance.

Keep reading to learn more about our modern, transitional, or traditional kitchen options for your home.

Traditional Kitchens Design

Our kitchen contractors can work with you to design a traditional kitchen with natural materials and warm tones. Quartzite and quartz stone slabs look great on countertops with matching or contrasting cabinetry. We would love to help you create a functional kitchen using the expertise and resources of our experienced staff members to choose and install critical elements such as cabinets and backsplashes. Our showroom has examples of flooring, sink, and stove combinations to spark your interest.

Modern Kitchens Style

What makes up a modern kitchen? If you like sleek lines and a minimalist design, our kitchen contractors can build a modern kitchen for your home. Modern kitchens often have cool tones and a smooth workflow with a simple style that nevertheless stands out. Examples include quartz countertops, stainless steel accents, and white or light cabinetry for an ultra-clean look.

Of course, there are many variations on this theme, and you can bring in traditional or transitional elements that suit your vibe. Let our experts help you blend in everything you love for a cohesive look. Do you also want help with modern bathroom design? Let our experts help you come up with a look you love.

Transitional Kitchens Renovation

Transitional kitchens blend old and new ideas for a whole new look that you can make purely your own. Perhaps you want the seamless look of a modern kitchen with antique fixtures for a homey vibe. Our 3D kitchen design services help you visualize different combinations of flooring, stove, sink, and other renovation components. Choose from a variety of hardscapes such as travertine, granite, and marble for your flooring encounter solutions.

Bathroom Remodeling in Orange County, CA

Transform your bathroom with an upscale remodeling design that combines premier functionality with your preferred aesthetic. The bathroom designers and kitchen contractors of Preferred Kitchen & Bath specialize in custom remodeling for our Orange County customers.

Whether you want to install an ultra-modern waterfall shower in your Anaheim master bathroom or a vintage-inspired soaking tub in your Lake Forest home, you can rely on our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors.

Preferred Kitchen & Bath takes a custom approach to bathroom renovation. Our modern bathroom design process includes 3D technology applications that bring our clients’ design vision to life. As with our 3D kitchen design, our bathroom remodeling services rely on technology during the planning phase as well as our personal touch. Our designers will help you plan for your master bath remodel down to the smallest details so you achieve the bespoke design you crave.

Typical California Bathroom Remodeling Cost

The bathroom remodeling cost will vary depending on the nature of each design. However, we promise to provide upfront costs for our bathroom remodeling services. Many of our clients will visit a showroom or gallery during our in-home consultation. Preferred Kitchen & Bath provides pricing for flooring, custom showers, semi-custom cabinetry and more.

We are often able to find great pricing on materials due to our purchasing power, then pass on the savings to our clients. After completing our design plan with our client’s input at every stage, we can deliver an upfront quote for the entire project along with a timeline for completing the work.

Remodeling Bathroom Showers

Remodeling bathroom showers for our South Orange County customers is a specialty for the renovation experts of Preferred Kitchen & Bath. If you live in Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano, or Newport Beach, you can rely on our professional bathroom contractors to remodel bathroom showers to your specifications. We can install a new bathroom shower that’s separate from your bathtub so you can enjoy walk-in convenience.

We offer a myriad of shower styles and fixtures so you can achieve your ideal bath and showering experience. Our designers also stay up-to-date with the most luxurious energy-efficient bath fixtures on the market today.

How to Tell It’s Time for A Bathroom Remodel

When you start noticing that your bathroom no longer suits your needs or it’s beginning to show signs of wear and tear, it’s likely time to consider a bathroom remodel project. Maybe your current bathroom layout doesn’t accommodate your daily routines efficiently, or the light fixtures are outdated and insufficient — these are both indications that a remodeling project could be beneficial.

Moreover, if you find yourself frequently searching for bathroom remodel ideas or imagining how different bathroom features could improve your home, it’s a clear sign that your bathroom could benefit from a renovation.

Why It’s Best to Entrust Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations to Professionals in Orange County, CA

Entrusting your bathroom renovations to professionals is a good idea compared to attempting a DIY project. Licensed and insured general contractors have the necessary experience to execute your bathroom remodel project successfully. They will ensure that your new bathroom design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also complies with building codes and regulations.

For example, an interior designer can take your small bathroom and optimize the layout to make it appear more spacious while accommodating your daily routine, while a general contractor can handle tasks like shower conversion with safety and efficiency. This level of expertise — coupled with the peace of mind that comes with a license and insurance — is why it’s always a good idea to hire professionals for your bathroom remodeling project.

Areas We Serve in Orange County, CA

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Contact Preferred Kitchen & Bath and tell us about your bathroom renovation plans. We do everything from design to implementation. If you’re interested in our kitchen remodel process, consult with our experienced kitchen contractors. Our designers can visit your Mission Viejo, Tustin Ranch, or Irvine home to discuss your planning process. Our luxury designs can increase the value of your home and enhance your enjoyment of it. Contact us today to get started!