There’s nothing like a remodeling project to revitalize and renew your interior space. However, most renovations require a lot of resources, which can make it difficult for some homeowners to find the extra money in the budget to bring their renovation dreams to life. Fortunately, cost-savvy remodelers have a wise way to make a tremendous impact in one of the most used rooms in the home through kitchen cabinet refacing. With the help of an Orange County, CA, general contractor, anyone can get the look and feel of new cabinets without undertaking the significant expense required by most kitchen remodeling projects.

What is kitchen cabinet refacing exactly? It’s a minor remodeling tactic that involves using the existing structure of your kitchen cabinets while replacing the outward-facing components with fresh aesthetic elements. Many people can’t tell the difference between new and refaced cabinets from their outward appearance alone, and the technique is exponentially less expensive than installing all new cabinets. Everyone who understands refacing knows that it provides an instant upgrade to the color and finish of your cabinets, but what other unexpected benefits can you reap through refacing? Keep reading below to learn more about kitchen cabinet refacing and how you can use it to revitalize your kitchen space.

Add Texture

Since refacing your kitchen cabinets involves removing the existing forward-facing elements and replacing them with new ones, you have a multitude of options available in terms of texture. For example, if you previously had smooth, modern styled cabinets, you can completely change the aesthetic through refacing with a texture such as beadboard. This allows you to not only change basic elements like the cabinet color or finish, but you can also reinvent the cabinet appearance to support any kitchen aesthetic you’d like to implement.

Update Accessories and Hardware

Refacing also gives you the ability to update the hardware and accessories used in conjunction with your cabinets. While there are a few timeless styles that persist from decade to decade, hardware and accessories are prone to fad and passing fancy. Therefore, they’re one of the elements in your kitchen most in need of updating on a regular basis. Your updates could be based on appearance alone, or they could leverage some new device or feature that can improve convenience in the kitchen. For example, you can upgrade your hinges to get something with a more modern look, or you could also get a boost in performance by selecting 3-way self-closing hinges that weren’t available in years past. In either event, refacing gives you a chance to improve both form and function in terms of your cabinet hardware.

Improved Function

Just because refacing is often a surface treatment that utilizes the existing cabinet structure doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for functional improvement as well. The refacing process can include internal amendments that can make life easier for you in the kitchen space. For example, you may have a large corner cabinet that is difficult to use due to wasted space. Why not install a Lazy Susan in that corner that will allow you to maximize the use of the space and provide you with more practical storage? Have you always thought that the cabinet with the large door would be better utilized if it was replaced with a few drawers? Kitchen refacing can make that dream a reality and free up your cabinet design to incorporate the elements that will make your life easier.

Refacing provides more than just cabinet refinishing in Orange County, as it provides you the latitude to alter both form and function as part of your kitchen remodeling project. Even better, it’s far more cost-effective than installing brand-new cabinets, as it uses the existing structure of your cabinets with new aesthetic elements to reinvent your kitchen space. To learn more about all the things that kitchen cabinet refacing can do, contact Preferred Kitchen and Bath at (949) 830-6300.