Design-build companies tackle projects in full with a single unified workflow from the design you select to the completion of the job. Also known as design/construction firms, design-build companies work on projects as small as home renovations and as large as institutional jobs like stadiums and infrastructure. Due to their overall convenience, design-build companies have grown in popularity since the turn of the century. If you’re looking for a design-build company to work on your remodeling job from start to finish, consider Preferred Kitchen & Bath!

Consolidated Contracts and Contacts

When you use a design-build company for kitchen and bathroom projects, you only have to sign a single contract and deal with a single point of contact. With a focus on teamwork and collaboration, design-build teams typically complete projects in faster time frames with fewer hiccups than projects where multiple contractors work on different aspects of the job. Additionally, an integrated team works more efficiently to keep costs down and satisfaction levels high.

Advantages of Design-Build Companies

In addition to streamlining projects, saving money, and speeding up completion times, design-build companies offer other advantages. For instance, when homeowners contact design-build companies about projects, they’re typically in the know about every aspect. In contrast, singular contractors may not understand how elements outside their particular wheelhouses fit into the bigger picture. Also, homeowners who may not be interested in overseeing and micromanaging their projects may prefer design-build companies as they generally include project management help in costs.

Smooth Workflow and Improved Flexibility

When disparate professionals who don’t know each other must work together, personality conflicts often arise, and poor communication and inflexibility concerning processes may slow down remodeling jobs. But when you work with a design-build company, all these kinks have been worked out ahead of time, and you’re assured a team that works smoothly together and can manage challenges with flexible mindsets and problem-solving skills. This means quicker turnaround times and fewer headaches for homeowners.

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